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“I never paid much attention to caddisflies in my fledgling years of fishing and tying flies. All my efforts were focused on mayflies, Art Flick’s Streamside Guide, and tying with wood duck flank feathers.

I was aware of caddises, even saw them often enough while fishing, but never considered them a viable source of trout food.

All this changed one afternoon when I was heading back to Pennsylvania after a morning in the Catskills opening up our summer house.

CJ’s Flies- “The Davidson Special”

“The Davidson Special” Photo, fly and article by “Catskill John” Bonasera “I have always loved flies with “Special” in their name. It seems they get that title from actually being special. During a meeting on-stream with an angler he didn’t know, Theodore Gordon plucked a mayfly from the nearby bushes, tied an imitation, and gave…