Arts of the Angler: November 5th and 6th, 2016 in Danbury Connecticut

Every year the Catskill Fly Fishing center and museum hosts their annual “Arts of the Angler” show in Danbury Connecticut, at the Ethan Allen hotel.

Tyers lining up!

It’s always an excellent show with two full days of presentations, different fine arts and handmade items for sale, along with two rooms packed with experienced fly Tyers, and this year was no exception.

The Guild was all ready for the show!

Everywhere you turned was another table full of books for sale..

Book sale to benefit the museum.
Found An interesting looking book about Brook trout.

And Framed originals and prints everywhere, along with plenty of handmade items.

A wide selection of framed art
Quilted Fly Tying Scrap Bins

Framed ducks!

Of course There are numerous fly tyers to watch demonstrate all different patterns, and who are there to answer many of your questions.

A Grey Ghost tied by Peggy Brenner
A realistic display tied by Dan Thomas
A small painted trout that will be added to a display by Dan Thomas
Dans Pupae-bou fly
Mike Romanowski’s Coffin Flies

Partridge Hooks are always in Stock by Joe Fox at Dette Trout Flies!
Gaelic Hooks!

And if you were looking for supplies there was no shortage!

Had a fun  and informative interview with William Anderson about flymphs
Jay Fullum was well stocked with flies and books for sale
Reels and rods for sale and appraisal

As always the show was a great success, and there was plenty of knowledge to be passed around behind every vice.

We would like to extend a thank you once again to the Catskill Fly fishing center and museum for hosting the show and a HUGE thank you to our Guild Tyers behind the vise this past weekend!

Bud Bynack

Pete Peterson

Merrill “Doc” Katz

Ed McQuat

Bud Bynack had handouts available for the pattern he was demonstrating
The Preston Jennings Isonychia Nymph tied by Bud Bynack
We hope you enjoyed the show, dont forget to checkout our facebook page for the live videos from the show and we will everyone in Somerset!


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