Messing with a Classic: The Rough Gordon

Photo, Fly and Article by By Niklas Dahlin

Taken from the October 2011 Catskill Fly Tyers Gazette

Messing with a Classic: The Rough Gordon by Niklas Dahlin

“Theodore Gordon’s Gordon Quill, probably better known as the Quill Gordon, is one of my absolute favorites, both to tie and to fish, and both are equally important to me. I especially use it during our spring and fall fishing here in Sweden to cover the Baetis hatches. This fly works just as it is, but during a fishing session, I noticed that the water and my way of fishing required a slightly more buoyant Quill Gordon. I considered trying to become a better caster or a better fly fisher, but came to the resolution that there was no point in that, so I decided to mess with the Quill Gordon and give it a body hackle that would give the fly longer drifts, especially in rougher water.

Normally, a body hackle takes away a lot of the effect of the body material. To prevent that from happening, I decided to peel off the fibers on one side of the body hackle. I learned to do that in Mike Valla’s book Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies. This and the fact that I wrapped the hackle quite sparsely gave the body the nice look that only a stripped peacock quill can give.

Another problem that I thought would be a stumbling block was the fact of that the hackle could slip on the quill body, I solved that by adding a thin layer of clear superglue before wrapping the body hackle.”

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